Where to find us:

Studio House, Unit 1 London Street, Railway Village, Swindon SN1 5DG

Phone: 07938 965740

Business hours

10am to 10.30pm, Monday to Friday

10am to 10.00pm, Saturday & Sunday

Other hours by prior arrangement

What's new?

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Karaoke Special Package - £30.00 all-in for 1 hour's recording, up to 4 songs, plus mixdown and mastering, normally another hour, when using backing tracks


Mobile digital recording facility now available We can come to you!!! Price depends on requirements and location. For Karaoke type ocassions we have a comprehensive library of discs.


VHS, Camcorder mini DV cassettes and mini DVD's, DAT tapes etc. transferred to DVD - £.07p per minute of original recorded time. Minimum charge £4.00 plus £1 for the disc, printed label and sleeve. Direct to disc recording. All original tapes and discs etc. returned. This facility is available through our Ebay shop if you would like to pay by PayPal.

Minimum rehearsal charge for bands of £20.00 which equates to a session of 2 hours. Special deal of 4 hours for the price of 3 hours. No booking fee. Free secure equipment storage for regular bands.


4 new services are now available following many years of involvement in Entertainment and Showbusiness:


Dream Video Race Nights - we can plan, publicise, organise, host and equip your pub/charity video race night for 20 to 200 people and take the pressure off your organisational shoulders. An information pack and/or quote is available on request (client venue based).


Dream Quiz Nights - we can organise, equip and host your pub/charity quiz for 20 to 200 people using state of the art equipment. Music quizzes are our speciality owing to our long history in the business and the studio connection. An information pack and/or quote is available on request (client venue based).


Dream Studios E-Commerece - we sell quality new and used products through our Ebay shop for clients who do not have access to or an understanding of the workings of Ebay and PayPal. One of our most recent successes was to facilitate the sale of a £20,000 Astrotrail 28ft motorhome to an eager buyer from South Wales on behalf of a Swindon vendor.


Storage Units: We have several fully secure storage units at 6' x 3' x 10' that you can rent on an easy-in-easy-out basis for £1 per day, minimum 5 days. Accessible 24/7 by arrangement. Free to regular bands.


London Street in Brunel's Railway Village, Swindon. Our front door is directly to the left of this road sign.

Dream Recording & Rehearsal Studio

What's on offer ...

Our involvement in music & entertainment spans decades. We ran the South West's biggest talent competition, "Starsearch", in the 90's when the "X Factor" & "Britain's Got Talent" were just pipedreams

  • Music recording facility for bands & artists of all types
  • Comprehensive Karaoke and backing tracks library for non-band acts and artists
  • 8 track Mobile digital recording facility for non-band acts and artists
  • Rehearsals from 2 hours with drums, mics & 1200 watt PA included
  • THE BULLDOG'S REVENGE lounge bar and meeting room
  • Video Race Night package (client location)

  • "The In-QUIZ-ition" quiz night package (client location)


  • VHS, Camcorder, DAT tapes etc to DVD/CD transfer service

A direct descendant of Swindon's first professional recording facility, Tudor Studios in the late 1970's, Dream Recording & Rehearsal Studios were established next to the Bulldog Pub in Queens Drive in 2004.


In 2011 the Bulldog pub and its environs were acquired and subsequently demolished by Swindon Borough Council and the studio was re-located to its current site in the town's historic Railway Village, less than 1 minute from the railway station.


The studio has off-street, ground level access and is available 7 days a week by prior arrangement. One improvement on the previous site is the increased size of the self-contained equipment storage units for bands who rehearse on a regular basis.


The complex is a multi-functional facilty and, apart from recordings and rehearsals, the premises can be used for a wide range of activities provided they are legal e.g. for video or photographic purposes. They would even make an ideal location for a Picture Gallery as there is plenty of wall space under high ceilings.


There is a large separate bar/relaxation area which is available free of charge for use by all clients and their guests using the studio's facilities. It is also suitable for meetings and conferences.


  • THE BULLDOG'S REVENGE is the name given to the bar area and meeting room which is part of the studio complex.
  • The picture shows the actual sign which was salvaged from the Bulldog Pub that had existed in Swindon for over 50 years until it was acquired by the council and demolished in 2011.
  • Dream Recording & Rehearsal Studios were established next to the Bulldog Pub in 2004.
We can transfer VHS tapes to DVD easily and affordably See our Ebay shop.
We can transfer Camcorder DV tapes, cassettes & mini DVD's to DVD easily and affordably.
DVD Video Race Nights
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